Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some of the animals in my area

Groups of wild turkeys roam through our neighborhood at different times of the year, bringing their babies when they give birth.  I have never once had a single problem with them and, in fact, have had to make sure others don't try to harm them.

This cat lives on second side of apt. complex.  He or she thought they would sneak up on the wild turkeys and when I snapped this picture took off.  Cute face.

This cat sits on the fence often and checks out what is going on over this way.  The coloring is much the same as what my cat, Timber, had.  Another cute cat.

Our cat, Smokey.  She really does not take well to having pictures taken.
Just one of the many crows hanging around here.  I truly enjoy them.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Close of day

Lovely colors at the close of a good day.  Check out more Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site        


One of several cats that live in houses across the fence.  I have a new camera that has 35 x zoom and it came in handy this morning.
Smokey checking something out on patio floor.
Smokey looking at a little finch moving around in the trees.

New bridge

Metal bridge at our apartment complex.   Still in process of doing new sidewalks.  When place was built the bridge bringing two complex's together was a nice wooden one.  Over the many years it started wearing down and got so bad and unsafe, it was torn down.  It has been a number of years that have gone by without a bridge of any sort.  Finally, this one is made of metal and hopefully, will last a lot longer than the dear wooden one.   I was not even thinking of the shot until viewing it later that evening; liked the composition.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stately crow

We have many crows around our area and I like to think we are friends. I know they recognize your face and are quite intelligent.  Doesn't this one look quite stately?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Andy Lopez in artwork poster

This is a artwork of 13 year old Andy Lopez who was shot and killed by police last year.  He was walking with a toy gun that was made to look real even though it had an orange tip on the end.  The cop was a veteran of the Iraq war and who said he couldn't tell it wasn't real;  supposed he yelled at Andy to stop  This is the problem with the militarization of the police forces around the country; this action has been compared with the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.
I know I am afraid of the cops and I am a white woman.