Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This just struck me funny; who would be parking here?

Standing by the fence that divides our apartment complex from several homes.

Great-nephew, Gage, reading a catalog; he loves checking out the latest catalog my boyfriend gets in the mail.    Taken not long before his 9th birthday.

Great-niece,  5 year old Zoey and sister of Gage.   They both have a great fondness for pickles of every shape and size and will not only eat them but drink the juice from jar.  :)    She had just bit into the pickle and this is the look of a 'pickle puss'.  :)

We have a number of crows that hang around and I feed and talk to them.   They are neat to watch watching you.

A while later in the day I was walking around the fence checking out trees, etc. and looking up saw this crow just watching me.    I know many people don't like crows but I do; very intelligent creatures and they can recognize faces.

This is part of an empty field across from the complex.   Turkeys walk this path and so do homeless who vanish into the dense trees.   If you continue straight through, you will come to a road that in one direction has a horse farm.    I have lived in this area for over 31 years and it was mostly rural in most places.   Now, they are going to finalize plans to bring our unincorporated area into the city.    Don't like this one bit and decided to get some pictures in case they destroy area and build apartments or something.  


At May 30, 2013 at 7:18 AM , Blogger Laloofah said...

That handicap parking sign in that spot - that's just too weird! Do you think someone put it there as a juvenile prank or something?

I share Gage and Zoey's love of pickles, the dillier the better! But they're tougher than me if they're actually drinking the pickle juice! LOL Cute kiddos.

I share your love and admiration for crows, and enjoy hearing their conversations. Just wish I were intelligent enough to understand what they're saying!

What a pretty and beguiling little pathway that is in your last picture, but how heartbreaking to read that it may be doomed to development. That's a sad change to have to witness, especially after living there for so many years. Ugh, how I hate the way humanity sprawls and takes over the open and green space that is so critical to other species for shelter, food and migration, and so critical to our own well-being too. Though I have to confess that last year we built a home in a new (and still developing) neighborhood after an exhaustive and futile two-year search for an existing home here. My only defense and solace are that the site of this neighborhood was previously a cattle ranch and feedlot, and I'd rather it be a neighborhood than those cruel and hideous things! And at least most of us are now planting trees for the birds where none were previously. But with each new lot that's built on, I see less room for the deer, bunnies, pheasants, etc. Very sad.

At May 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM , Blogger Misty said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is sad about developers screwing up the earth. Whenever we watch news about some poor animal running wild in a neighborhood, I know the animal was living there first and the housing came last.

On Zoey...she can eat ears of corn like it is going out of style and she will eat a whole can of it if you let her.

Speaking about the crows, one big one is prancing around outside right as I write this.

Have a nice day.


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