Saturday, November 23, 2013

Skywatch Friday

The sky was filled with different shaped clouds that day and these are just a couple pictures.   I love when the sky is such a deep blue color.

This is looking off my front porch.  
Check out more Skywatch images at the Skywatch Site        


At November 24, 2013 at 5:46 AM , Blogger Gail Dixon said...

What a terrific view! Beautiful, vivid sky color. :)

At November 24, 2013 at 10:01 AM , Anonymous Mary said...

Beautiful sky! Amazing blue!

At November 24, 2013 at 9:37 PM , Blogger Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful clouds, Misty! The first one looks a little bit like an angel :)

At November 26, 2013 at 6:26 AM , Blogger Linnea said...

I saw some similar clouds over the SF Bay Area the other day. They do really spice up our skies, don't they! Happy Thanksgiving!


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